The Brand

Discovered in Brooklyn, NY in 2010, Farai, is a sustainable and ethical lifestyle brand that focuses on people, product, and planet.

People: We design and manufacture our products in the heart of the NYC Garment District & with African Artisans using sustainable practices and materials. Working with small business manufacturers & artisans is the core of our mission. We get to show you first hand “Who made your product”, as well as confidently knowing that every dollar we spend is put back into growing their businesses so they can continue to conduct business in an ethical way.

Product: In our efforts to reduce over-production and garment waste each product developed is well thought out, highly constructed, & has you & your lifestyle in mind. We choose quality & creativity over trend, so that your item can be used for many seasons and will last you for years.

Planet: We source sustainable fabrics by only using up-cycled or vintage fabric which reduces clothing and textile waste. Making 1 cotton shirt requires over 700 gallons of water, whereas using an up-cycled shirt to create something new barely requires any water. If we break it down the average US citizen throws away 70 pounds of clothing and other textiles annually. That's a lot! So if we can do our part by using sustainable fabrics, we can help change the course of the 85% of textile waste that ends up in landfills. 

Our Founder

Farai Simoyi. From fashion designer to fashion executive, this global leader exemplifies the business of international fashion and development. Recently honored on the pages of FORBES and featured by the likes of Essence and Time Out as "Next Best Designer," Simoyi's purpose: "creating global fashion houses and developing emerging fashion designers." 

Behind her, Simoyi has over 10 years of experience designing and consulting for celebrity fashion houses (where she oversaw production and manufacturing), accumulated esteemed awards, and toured the world speaking on global fashion developmental panels such as The Luxury Africa Fashion & Beauty Panel- hosted at the Fashion Institute of Technology.

Reflecting Simoyi's inner traveler, personal standards, and need for quality and ethical products, is her self-titled fashion label "Farai." Also woven into her career experience is her passion for Africa, empowering women and young entrepreneurs.

Live your life with an open mind, open heart, and open arms; you’ll be amazed at what gifts life has to offer.
— Farai Simoyi