E-commerce: We only sell online, at local boutiques, and pop-up shops in order to avoid traditional retail markups. E-commerce uses less energy, uses less overhead costs and in return we are able to provide you with quality products for less cost. Plus who doesn't love shopping with no bra, sweatpants, and a tub of ice cream!

Factory: We design and manufacture our products in the heart of the NYC Garment District & with global artisans using sustainable practices and materials. Working with small business manufacturers & artisans is the core of our mission. We get to show you first hand “Who made your product”, as well as confidently knowing that every dollar we spend is put back into growing their businesses so they can continue to conduct business in an ethical way.

Fabric: We source sustainable fabrics by only using up-cycled or pre-existing fabric which reduces clothing and textile waste. Making 1 cotton shirt requires over 700 gallons of water, whereas using a pre-existing shirt to create something new barely requires any water. If we break it down the average US citizen throws away 70 pounds of clothing and other textiles annually. That's a lot! So if we can do our part by using up-cycled fabric we help change the course of the 85% of textile waste that ends up in landfills.

Shipping & Packaging: All of our shipping and packaging materials are green. We use eco-friendly shipping boxes and recently introduced eco-friendly poly mailers. The tags & labels you see on each item are printed at a local printing factory and are made of recycled paper.

Office Supplies: From pens to paper to re-usable cups all of our office supplies are eco-friendly. We also use non-toxic cleaning products which are better for people and better for the earth. 

Community: Our brand is built on the spirit of Ubuntu meaning community, human kindness, and togetherness. We love supporting women empowered initiatives that promote positive outlooks on life, women's health, wellness, career, and balance.