Eco-Living 101

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Bicycling, walking, carpooling & public transportation are one of the best ways to keep your life green. Combining trips, driving smart cars, and utilizing sharing methods like Uber Pool significantly reduces the amount of harmful exhaust emissions that are released into the air. Our choice for getting around the city is bicycling and walking; it's quick & easy, plus a cute tush from all the cycling doesn't hurt either. *wink* #ecogirlbehavior

NY Fashion Week SS17 Street Style by bike, photo by Phil Oh for Vogue

NY Fashion Week SS17 Street Style by bike, photo by Phil Oh for Vogue

For all of your bike needs check out our favorite bike shop, Bike Pretty.

Keep Earth Sexy

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For every item of clothing donated, 27 lbs of carbon emissions are reduced, based on the fact that there isn't another garment being produced while one is headed to a landfill.
Donate to a thrift store or charity that accepts donations, or trade with your girlfriend (you know that dress was made for her anyways 😘). #keepearthsexy

F/W 15: The Maasai Tribe

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F/W 15 was inspired by the Maasai Tribe traditional clothing called the 'Shuka'. The brightly colored striped and plaid cloths that are beautifully draped across their bodies reminded me of how my Mum used to wear her ponchos in the 70's; similarly draped across the body. I took the inspiration from the original African poncho of the Maasai and intertwined it with the ponchos of the 70's to create our F/W 15 capsule collection. Shop our Ponchos here. Enjoy!! 

Love, Farai

F/W 15: Photoshoot

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#BTS F/W 15 Photoshoot in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn.